Th_eros, Tinos Island

Evripiotis Architects-Th_eros, Tinos Island
Th_eros, Tinos Island
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Tinos Island




Kim Powell


Located in the village of Ysternia on the island of Tinos, Th-eros house is a stone dwelling that dates back to the 18th/19th centuries. Renovated by Evripiotis Architects, the design preserved the house’s historical charm while infusing it with contemporary elegance. 

Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
Evripiotis Architects-theros-tinos-island-evripiotis-architects-02-1-Th_eros, Tinos Island
“Th-eros was built with two levels to adapt to the island’s hilly landscape. The ground floor was the center for daily life, while the upper floor housed living spaces strategically positioned to benefit from the island’s orientation, shielded from the northern winds and bathed in sun.”
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Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
Ground floor
Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
First floor

Employing time-honored building techniques and materials, such as stone, marble and wood, local craftsmen revived the structure. The house blends tradition and modernity within its whitewashed walls. Recycled fishing nets become colorful terrace pots, while salvaged wood finds new life as bespoke furniture. Mosaic tiles from Syros grace the floors and artisanal linens dress the beds. Th-eros House offers a sanctuary, inviting guests to embrace simplicity and slow living.
Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
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Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
Elevation A
Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
Elevation B
Evripiotis Architects--Th_eros, Tinos Island
Elevation C
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