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Evripiotis Architects is the encounter of two generations who have traveled the world to finally choose the island of Paros and Syros as their base. From there, they currently design places with purpose and intent in local and global settings.
Evripiotis Architects-
Evripiotis Architects-Evripiotis Architects Syros Office


The story of Evripiotis Architects can be traced back to the 1980s, when Georges Evripiotis (Architect DPLG, France) established his own practice. After graduating from Harvard, Angeliki joined her father and together they formed a strong partnership merging legacy and vision. Today, they bring their international background and free-spirited lifestyle into their designs and, along with their team, they promote an architecture that embraces creativity, sustainability and wellbeing.
Evripiotis Architects-
Evripiotis Architects-


We see every project as an invitation to venture into uncharted territory where everything is possible. We don’t like preconceived ideas or to replicate the same aesthetics. What defines our work is our ability to approach every brief with an open mind. Imagination has priority over our comfort zone.
Architecture is for us the meaningful transformation of vision into form. We do that by employing creative thinking, attention and care. First we listen, then we design.
During the realization process, when concepts and ideas are materialized, we roll up our sleeves and are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We thrive in construction environments.
We know things. When it comes to selecting a property, our educated advice comes from our many years of experience with reviewing the conditions of a site.

Our Services

1. Consulting & Site Analysis

We offer expert advice on selecting the right property

2. From Concept To Realisation

No matter the scale, our architectural services can cover all stages of the development of a project, from its inception to its completion.

3. Conceptual Design & Ideation

With special emphasis on the layout, during the early design stages, we imagine a thoughtful articulation of spaces and introduce the conceptual building blocks of an architecture that is meant to facilitate the wellbeing of its future users.

4. Design Development & Building Permit

During the design development, we provide you with a thorough, concrete illustration of the atmosphere we wish to create. At the same time, we take care of the building permit process, liaise with the local authorities and keep you informed every step of the way.

5. Construction Documentation

Our architectural designs are backed up with detailed technical and in-depth working drawings and specifications that offer guidance throughout the construction phase.

6. Bidding & Negotiation Construction Management

We can help you navigate the bidding process and support you in choosing the most qualified contractor.

7. Construction Supervision

Construction sites are our natural habitat. We can provide you with hand-on supervision so that the building process runs smoothly and the design is executed in the most faithful way.

Meet the Team

Evripiotis Architects-STELLA SARRI, Designer, Studio Manager-Evripiotis Architects


Designer, Studio Manager
Evripiotis Architects-ANASTASIA SIGRIDI, Project Manager-Evripiotis Architects


Project Manager
Evripiotis Architects-CHRYSANTHI ALMPANI, Project Manager-Evripiotis Architects


Project Manager
Evripiotis Architects-ALEXANDRA ANDROUTSOPOULOU, Senior Architect-Evripiotis Architects


Senior Architect
Evripiotis Architects-EVA KARAGKOUNI, Architect-Evripiotis Architects


Evripiotis Architects-GEORGE ATHANASOPOULOS, Civil Engineer -Evripiotis Architects


Civil Engineer
Evripiotis Architects-STRATOS STAVROPOULOS, Construction Manager-Evripiotis Architects


Construction Manager
Evripiotis Architects-EVI MENDRINOU, Interior Designer-Evripiotis Architects


Interior Designer
Evripiotis Architects-EIRINI MARAGOU, Interior Designer-Evripiotis Architects


Interior Designer
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