Screenshot House, Paros Island

Evripiotis Architects-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Screenshot House, Paros Island
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Kostos, Paros Island


Completed 2020


Yiorgis Yerolymbos

Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-P06-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island

Screenshot House is located on a Parian hill with a panoramic view of the eastern Cyclades. The main axes of the house are deformed and rotated, so every space has its own unique view through a variety of openings and volume voids. The result is a distorted composition of stone and white volumes, which is harmonically integrated into the Cycladic rocky and rigid landscape. A central, larger scaled volume contains the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen in an open plan layout and it is directly connected to the main bedroom, which forms another distorted volume. All the other bedrooms are located on the sides of the central composition, having independent entrances and facilities.
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-ground-floor-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Ground Floor

The difference in the heights of the interior, the orientation of the openings, and the different materials give not only unique views towards the exterior but also a unique character in the interior of every volume. The furnishing follows the same concept consisting of different subtle colours and textures on spacious arrangements.
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-P02-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-P18-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
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A single white terrazzo veranda encircles the deformed exterior spaces and voids, creating a shaded and open exterior lounge and dining areas attached to the house. Due to the inclination of the plot, the veranda is divided into two levels which are connected with two staircases.
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-axonometric-view-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Axonometric View
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-P13-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-P05-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
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Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-masterplan-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-elevation-new2-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-section-new2-Screenshot House, Paros Island
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The bright-coloured material showcases the multi-volumed composition and it contradicts it to the natural landscape surrounding the house. The design of Screenshot House gives the opportunity to its residents to experience the Cycladic landscape in several different ways both in the interior and the exterior, through nonlinear, and no perpendicular architectural concepts, maintaining the necessary minimalistic tools of contemporary design.
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-P19-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Evripiotis Architects--Screenshot House, Paros Island
Evripiotis Architects--Screenshot House, Paros Island
“The result is a distorted composition of stone and white volumes, which is harmonically integrated into the Cycladic rocky and rigid landscape. ”
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-R01-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Perspective View
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-R02-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
Perspective View
Evripiotis Architects-screenshot-house-paros-evripiotis-architects-P04-new-Screenshot House, Paros Island
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